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Reyeah™ E1 - All In Learning Smart Board Supplier

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Size: 55"/65"
Color: Black/ Silver
2K System: Android 6.0
RAM: 2G, ROM: 16G
Touch Type: 20 Points Infrared Touch
*The Price Is Exw, Start From $449, Not Including Shipping And Tax,  Contact Us For More Details, And We Will Send PI For You.

  • School Preparation

    Teachers appreciation, they can make course prepare easily, since Reyeah smart broad support to send teaching documents wirelessly through your mobile phone or computer, making teaching more convenient.

    smart class whiteboard tool
  • Distance Learning

    Remote sharing of educational screens in different places, fast response without delay, studysync lausd.

    Whiteboard lets students learn remotely and studysync lausd
  • Class Teaching

    Reyeah classroom whiteboards are wall-mounted or cart models suitable for kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, university, and training institutions, whiteboard drawings and whiteboard games will attract students' attention.

    smart classroom interactive whiteboard
  • Better Sensory Vision

    Reyeah whiteboard adopts AG glass, which has the anti-glare function, and the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, creating a clear and transparent visual effect, enabling the modern classroom has a better viewing experience.

    smart screen for teaching help to protect eyes

6 Reasons To Choose Reyeah

4K Viewing

With high quality and advanced technology, it displays vivid effects.

Much Learning Resources

This widget allows you to install apps online, and annotate on documents.

Wireless Projection

Using USB wireless screen sharing device, the learning scene is more diversified.

Touch Screen Writing

Equipped with a magnetic touch pen, get cooperative learning strategies.

Multimedia Production

Save files in cloud space, you can prepare courseware at any time.

Scan Code To Save

Scan the QR code to quickly share pictures to social media.

all in learning smart board for classroom two sizes

Smart Board For Classroom Details

Our 4mm tempered glass and anti-dazzle glass, luxury surface finishing the aluminum frame, narrow bezel, and slim body, with multiple sockets, Reyeah educational whiteboard provides a better cooperative learning strategies.

all details smart board for school

Touch Writing

The magnetic touch pen makes you feel like writing on paper, with 20 infrared dots, Reyeah school whiteboard support for multiple people to write and create at the same time, 8ms response to capture your every thought.

smart board education can touch writing, teaching easily

6 In 1 Function

Six In One Smart Classroom Interactive Whiteboard - TV, Computer, Tablet, Projector, iPad, Audio. It is designed for classroom preparation and presentation, and greatly captures students' attention in class by realistically reflecting the whiteboard.

teacher appreciation for all in one classroom whiteboard
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