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Reyeah™ M1 - Electronic Whiteboard Manufacturer

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Size: 55"/65"/75"/85"/98"/110"
4K Dual System: Android 6.0 & OPS(I3 I5 I7)
RAM: 2G, ROM: 32G
*The Price Is EXW, Start From $599Package Includes: Power Cable*1, Remote Control*1, Wifi Antenna*6, Smart Pen*2, Movable Bracket*1 ,warranty Card*1, Instruction Manual*1

How to Choose the Best Smart Board?

Check out the video tips, consider the occasions you need to use, choose the best whiteboard for your office, and provide real benefits to your employees, Reyeah interactive smart board helps increase your productivity.

best smart board price with android and windows system

Android &Windows Dual System

The OPS in the conference panel is a micro computer that can be plugged and unplugged in an open way, which is easy to install, use and maintain, making digital signage equipment more intelligent and integrated.

Detachable android whiteboard
interactive whiteboard smart tv details
55,65,75,86,98,110 inch smart board whiteboard

Professional Hardware

We use a sturdy sheet metal casing and anti-glare glass and anti-reflection glass to effectively reduce strong light reflection or direct light, prevent dizziness from viewing for too long, and protect eyesight.

aluminium frame for whiteboard
multifunctional best digital whiteboard
  • Wireless Projection

    Reyeah smart board is an all-in-one educational conference machine with a wireless screen projection function. Both mobile phones and computers can be connected to your computer, and you can use the computer to control the whiteboard or the whiteboard to control the computer.

    smart board tv with wireless projuction
  • Quick File Sharing

    Traditional whiteboards will be deleted after closing, and if you don't download whiteboards or screen saves before closing, you'll lose valuable files. Our smart whiteboard can be shared to your mobile phone or downloaded local files by simply scanning the QR code or entering the mailbox, it is transferred easily.

    Compared with the black whiteboard, the Reyeah whiteboard can transfer files and pictures with one click, which is very convenient
  • 6 In 1 Conference Demonstration Machine

    Electronic whiteboard is office equipment that integrates various functions of tv, computer, tablet, projector, ipad, and audio. You can also contact us to upgrade to a built-in camera to enable personalized functions.

    6 In 1 Conference Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Machine
  • Touchscreen

    High-quality LG IPS hard screen, with infrared touch screen function, it can clearly show meeting content, support ppt, word document, picture, and other file annotation.

    smartboards can active inspire in meeting
Reyeah 10+ years of experience in interactive whiteboard with dozens of patents and certificates, support distributor purchase, professional OEM/ODM factory