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what is a smart board?
From 2011

11+ Years Instury Experience, Reyeah focuses on smart interactive whiteboard industry design, research and development, production, sales and OEM/ODM solutions and services.

10,0000+ Partner

Dozens of independent research patented, We won the intellectual property management system certification certificate and the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

200+ Export Countries

One-on-one service, Support Chinese, English, Spanish, and other after services to meet different needs of domestic and foreign customers, sales to the worldwide company.

Modern Factory

We have a modern production plant of thousands of square meters and several software development engineers, are proficient in Python, embedded, html5, java, big data algorithm development, and provide any personalized customization services for software functions.
An impeccable hardware team, with outstanding industrial design capabilities and embedded development capabilities, can carry on many product customization services, including appearance design, and peripheral function docking.

Reyeah digital white board located in the central economic district of Guangzhou, China, with 50,000 square meters factory.
cheaper smart board interactive whiteboard prices, Reyeah also supports software full life updation
Software FullLife Updation
interactive smart whiteboard Factory, Check carefully before shipping
Reyeah Big Warehouse
Our smart panel board customer service team is at your service 7*24 hours.
Professional Service Team
Famous china smart interactive whiteboard participated in global exhibitions and has agents all over the world
International Exhibition

Electronic Whiteboard Production

Electronic whiteboard production process
Reyeah factory history for more than 10 years, screen panels definition formative here, We have professional hardware and software teams, which are exported to the world and processed for 100,000 enterprises.

Company Profile

Reyeah Technology is located in the central economic district of Guangzhou, China. We have a complete software and hardware technology research and development, industrial design, safety operation and maintenance, modern production, and global after-sales service team, and a core technology research and development team has many years of industry experience, proficient in software and hardware technology development, industry front- end interface design, product appearance and internal structure design, electronic circuit design and programming and other related industry technologies.

Reyeah Patent Certificate

Reyeah Certificate, Strong R&D team, you can use smart board without computer,Make your business more successful
Reyeah Technology Co., Ltd, Address: KaiDa Park, Panyu, Guangzhou, China


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