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Payment Method

1. How can I pay?

You can pay by T/T, Western Union, or Letter of Credit, (PayPal, Credit Cards are not supported)

Shipping & Tax

2. How about the shipping method?

After interactive whiteboard is customized and produced, we will send it out within 3-7 working days, and the shipping and taxes will be borne by you.

Smart Board Solution

3. What is an interactive classroom presentation?

An interactive classroom display is usually a large-screen display that connects wirelessly to the teacher's computer to provide lesson content. They are the evolution of interactive technology in schools, starting with the replacement of traditional whiteboards with interactive whiteboards and then moving to interactive displays. They are used for collaboration, teaching, general teaching, and facilitating interaction.

4. What are the benefits of a digital interactive whiteboard in the office?

Facilitating collaborative discussions and ideas with colleagues across the globe involves bringing everything together using tools such as video conferencing, team chat, and interactive displays, the ability to switch between project topics and the ability to edit presentations and data in real-time increases productivity and efficiency.

5. How can games enhance learning through interactive whiteboards?

As interactive whiteboards become ubiquitous in classrooms around the world, interactive whiteboard games such as 3-D shape interactive whiteboard games are increasingly used to engage students in a variety of subject materials and lessons.

6. How can interactive whiteboards benefit teachers?

Interactive panels take teachers from engaging in interactive roles that increase collaboration to freely moving around the classroom and controlling lessons from their smartphones.

7. What is the most useful feature of the interactive whiteboard for schools?

The most useful feature of an interactive whiteboard or panel is the large multi-touch screen that can be used for direct collaboration. The ability to provide audio learners with sound is key, as well as access to useful features such as drawing tools, a timer app, and a spinner app to choose from!

8. What is a school interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms to facilitate teaching and learning by providing a visual and collaborative learning experience from a large physical touchscreen surface. It has three key components; a projector, a computer, and a physical interactive whiteboard.

9. What can I do on the interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards can be used for teaching and assessment in any teaching environment. It can be used for group collaboration with students, to explain theory with diagrams and drawings, or even for artistic design and browsing the internet!

10. How to use interactive panel displays in a hybrid environment to achieve distance teaching?

Reyeah interactive display enables secure multi-device collaboration by sharing screens over a network using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With Google Drive, teachers can build content anywhere, share it in any virtual classroom, and teach remotely.

More FAQ

11. What are the specifications of your interactive whiteboard?

Click to learn more about whiteboard specifications

12. Which size interactive whiteboard do you have?

We have 55/65/75/86/98/110 inches.

13. What are your after-sale terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for the panel and 3 years for the accessories, there is no worry for our products, as we have exported lots of machines to the EU & US per year, almost 100% good feedbacks from our customers, we have the CE&FCC certifications.

14. How to use the interactive whiteboard application? How to operate it?

You can easily use the Application on the whiteboard, instill your own Applications on it, and switch to a different system. Use the conference functions and screen sharing functions.

15. How to install the device?

There are screws and brackets in the package, what you need to do is just fix the bracket on the wall with 4 screws, then hang the device on it as simple as a TV installation. 

16. Does it have any accessories inside?

Yes, it does, including user manual, remote controller, power cable, warranty card, Wifi antenna( optional), and installation tools.

17. What is the difference between asingle system and a dual system?

It is similar to a giant touch all in one PC, same functions as the PC while using the mouse control instead of all the operations, and also can install all the applications on the Windows system. For the Android OS, all the Apk files can be installed on it.

18. Which brand panel do you use?

All the panel we use is from LG, and some are from the BOE.

19. Does it support PPT and another format file?

Yes, it supports PPT format, also EXCEl, and WORD format is available.

20. If the device is broken, how can you fix it?

If there is really a quality issue happened, firstly, our after-sale service team will check it and give solutions within 48 hrs, if it can't be repaired at your side, we will send you a new spare part for free within one year warranty. It is easy to replace. We will also provide you with dedicated technical support

21. Is it safe during transportation?

We will pack it into a carton box, and there is foam inside for further protection, and there is a wooden box outside to protect it from the impact.

22. What is your OEM or customized?

We have over 10 years experience with our own factory. We provide one-to-one expert customization services, including dimensions, cameras, exclusive boot pages, software updates, modified plugs, and other hardware.